Divorce Iranian Style:

78-minute documentary, shot in Tehran Family Courts in 1997, with Kim Longinotto, for ‘True Stories’ series, Channel 4 TV (first broadcast August 1999). Premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival, August 1998. Awards include Silver Hugo, Chicago Film Festival 1998; Silver FIPA, Biarritz FF 1998; Golden Spire and Grand Prize, San Francisco International Film Festival 1999; Flaherty Award, BAFTA, 1999.


87-minute documentary, shot in a shelter for runaway girls in Tehran in 2000, with Kim Longinotto, for ‘True stories’ series, Channel 4 TV, UK. Premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival, August 2001. Finalist for Joris Ivens award at IDFA, Amsterdam 2001; Best Documentary, Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema 2002; Silver Dhow, Zanzibar International FF 2002; Children’s Rights Award, Osnabruck 2002; Best International Film, Maremma Doc. Festival, 2003.

Interviews and Debates

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Talks on YouTube

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Other Media

Regular participant in radio and TV programmes in many countries, as expert on Islamic family law, women in the Muslim world, and Iranian affairs and advised on a number of TV documentaries on Iran.